Raaja Bones – Sleepwalks

There have been many rumours about Raaja Bones throughout the years. And it would be true to say that a figure like him is hard to describe. Since we can’t confirm the rumours, what do we really know about this elusive figure?

What we do know is that he’s been living in a wooden shack converted to an otherworldly sound lab in the forest an hours drive north of Oslo. Here he has been making music for years, but for his ears only.

Fate would have it that we met Raaja whilst trekking, and two pots of tea later we headed home with our backpacks full of golden chanterelle and a signed piece of cloth giving Snorkel access to Raajas vast collection of unreleased music.

With his debut album “Sleepwalks”, Raaja explores a subconscious world. With his instruments and machines acting as extensions of himself, he recounts dreams through sound. And like most dreams, those willing to ride the waves of strangeness will find many rewards.

Sleepwalks will be the first of many selections retrieved from Raaja’s repertoire.


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