hubbabubbaklubb – Eddie & Suzanne

The shelf by the toilet in my childhood home is jam-packed with old memorabilia. And in between all the bits and bobs, I found the greatest objet d’art of them all: Hubbas soundtrack from the late, great film director Arild Kristos’ magnum opus, “Eddie & Suzanne” (1975). A classic, romantic Shakespearean road movie.

One of those who really hated the film, and who should therefore be listened to is the renowned late film critique Pål Bang Hansen. He wrote:

“Arild Kristo wants you to think that lust is all-consuming love, when really it’s just endorphins. What makes things even worse is what must be one of the most gloopy and phallic film scores in recent memory: hubbabubbaklubb’s “Eddie & Suzanne”, which seduces teenage girls into paroxysms of romantic grief… blæh!”

Limited edition. Wax-only!

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