hubbabubbaklubb – Drømmen Drømmerne Drømmer

From the dense and foggy forest arises an enchanting sound. Creeping down the jagged mountain side, it crawls along the valley and down to the fjord. There, it makes a sudden left turn, floating on along a bumpy and winding rural road, past shiny bales of hay and a cluster of abandoned hippie farms, until it arrives in the city, where it melts into the urban cacophony. The soaring screech of the railway, the thundering vibrations from the cranes, the tantalising echo of a single stiletto heel against the jet black pavement. As the sound finally reaches the city people’s ear canals it starts its mesmerising work, slowly hypnotising its listener, like a mythical Siren or the ancient water spirit Nixie. It is an irresistible force. A power so great that it drowns out the city, the sound luring the urban creatures with it as it echoes back into the gloomy forest.

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