Raaja Bones

Nestled amidst the serene fields and woodlands surrounding Oslo lies the creative sanctuary of Raaja Bones. Within his reclusive studio adorned with vintage synthesizers, modular equipment, samplers, and drum machines, Raaja crafts music that seamlessly blends his personal tastes with the rich tapestry of his identity and upbringing.

Raaja’s musical journey began in Honolulu, where he started school and developed a profound appreciation for the tranquil, Balearic sounds that echo the leisurely rhythms of seaside life. His formative years continued in mid-90s Baltimore, a period marked by the burgeoning Bmore scene, where he discovered the exhilaration of sequencing, synths, and samplers. Subsequently, his twenties were a dynamic interplay between the vibrant musical landscapes of Liverpool and London.

“My influences are an amalgamation of all these places, people, and music scenes,” reflects Raaja, encapsulating the diverse tapestry that shapes his artistic vision.

Beyond his solo endeavors, Raaja Bones has left an indelible mark on the music industry, contributing significantly to collaborations with both Norwegian and international artists. Among them are luminaries such as Guillemots, Fyfe Dangerfield, hubbabubbaklubb, Pop Levi and Jojo Mayer.

In each note and collaboration, Raaja Bones’ musical odyssey becomes a testament to the intricate interplay between personal experiences, diverse locales, and a profound connection with the art of sound.