In 2001, dibidim’s journey began in Liverpool when Jørun and fellow musician Jonas crossed paths at the eccentric Caledonia bar. Their chance meeting, fueled by shared interests in music and beer, led to a transformative collaboration.

Immersed in Liverpool’s music scene, the duo transformed a tiny bedroom into a makeshift studio with vintage equipment, crafting music under the moniker dibidim. Inspired by a late-night session with Groove Armada’s ‘Superstylin,’ the name resonated with Jørun: “…crowd up in de center, they watch me dibidim.”

After a successful performance at The Zanzibar, dibidim became a full-time project with manager Ed Millett. A Barfly mini-tour and a meeting with a Parlophone representative set the stage for a promising career. However, Parlophone’s decision not to release their debut album, ‘Riders,’ deeming it unconventional, marked a setback.

Returning to square one in Stoke Newington, dibidim took up jobs at call centers. Fast forward 18 years, Snorkel Records expressed huge admiration for ‘Riders,’ turning the once-rejected album into a nostalgic gem. As the record reached listeners, dibidim’s journey came full circle, showcasing the enduring impact of their musical pursuit.



dibidim - Superheaven